Green philosophy

A sustainable hotel respects the wisdom of nature.

Here at Holiday Mountain Boutique Hotel, we have always loved our land and the nature that surrounds us, a unique heritage that we all must respect and help preserve. We have always done our best to protect the environment and thanks to the good practices we have in place and the investments in renewable energy, we have been awarded important certifications, such as the Qualità Parco and Ecoristorazione Trentina markings, which are a guarantee of product quality and sustainability. This is why we rely on products and suppliers from our region, when we choose both the ingredients in our kitchen and the furniture for our rooms. We produce thermal and electric energy thanks to a pellet central system that provides us with more than 100% of the energy we need and a photovoltaic system that is efficient all year round. We also provide our guests with MTB guest cards that allow them to use all public transport and, in winter, a shuttle service that reaches the ski resorts and helps reduce substantially the number of private cars on the streets. But a sustainable holiday is not just about protecting the environment, it's also about healthy eating. We use the locally-sourced produce of our land to prepare exquisite traditional regional dishes, following procedures that have a low impact on the environment.

Qualità parco marking

Sustainable tourism is the inspiration behind our philosophy, because we believe that respecting nature is a duty and maintaining a "healthy" environment an act of love. The Qualità Parco Adamello Brenta marking guarantees that our hotel is eco-friendly and minimises the impact its activity has on the environment.


Investing in alternative energy is a great way of reducing pollution and the reason why we have decided to install a perfectly integrated photovoltaic system on the roof of our hotel. Thanks to solar power, it allows us to produce 40,000 Kwh per year. We use LED or low consumption lights and we have installed two biomass boilers as part of the thermal system. We are also very careful when it comes to sanitising and cleaning; we use products with a low environment impact and avoid unnecessary waste.

Thanks to these choices and our commitment, in 2014, Holiday Hotel won the "Tecnologia e Salvaguardia Ambientale (Environment Technology and Protection)" award.

We provide our guests, free of charge, with PARCO CARDS: a prepaid electronic card that gives them access to a vast range of services to enjoy and experience first hand the Park's nature, culture and territory, as well as transportation and parking within Parco Adamello Brenta.


Our Hotel takes part in the Ecoristorazione Trentino project. We have adopted a eco-friendly philosophy that aims at protecting the environment and promoting healthy eating habits. We use products and procedures that have a low impact on the environment: locally sourced organic products.

This is why we offer dishes inspired by tradition, re-elaborated and reinterpreted, with reduced cooking times, to exalt the characteristics of those genuine ingredients that make our cuisine tasty and light. Our partners in this mission are our suppliers, who share the same passion for good quality and well-cared-for products. So, in addition to our ability and passion, we also try to reduce the impact on the environment.

In our menus, we guarantee the use of certified organic ingredients entirely produced in our region. This is how we protect the environment, by reducing waste, optimising water and power consumption, using eco-friendly products. We recommend that our guests follow these good practices, for a better-quality holiday and a healthy lifestyle.

The "Ecoristorazione Trentino" marking is issued by the Autonomous Region of Trentino following strict compliance procedures coordinated by the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, this marking is both a reason of pride and an incentive to continue to improve our commitment to protect the environment. Convinced as we are that this can help us grow, we look forward to welcoming you and invite you to help us promote environmental awareness!

For more information, please visit the EcoristorazioneTrentino website.


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Fabio F

marzo 201


Cara Antonella, avevo detto che non avrei fatto recensioni, ma dopo la seconda meravigliosa esperienza, non posso esimermi. Ovviamente confermo e sottoscrivo tutte le cose positive dette in altre recensioni. Ma non tocco personale lo voglio dare. In nessun altro hotel, mi era capitato, al rientro dopo una giornata di sci, di parlare del più e del meno con il "Boss" dell' hotel, davanti una buona birra e questo la dice tutta su come ci si sente a l' Holiday. Un' abbraccio a tutti.

Silvia G

marzo 2017

“Settimana bianca”

Anche quest'anno abbiamo trascorso una fantastica settimana in questo hotel dove l'ospite è coccolato dal primo momento dell'arrivo. È un hotel molto accogliente con camere spaziose e dorate di ogni comfort. ..specialmente le suite sono veramente belle. ..ogni angolo è molto curato da Maria e Antonella che curano personalmente anche la scelta del menù preparato dallo chef Cristian. E poi dopo una bella sciata in questo comprensorio dove le piste sono preparate sempre in modo impeccabile, cosa c'è di meglio di rilassarsi nello spazio benessere ?

Fabio S

marzo 2017

“Piacevole scoperta...”

Reduci da una breve vacanza in val di Sole. Abbiamo apprezzato tanti aspetti del soggiorno presso l’hotel Holiday della sig.ra Antonella e famiglia. Dalla pulizia, alla cura per i particolari, alla cortesia e soprattutto all’eccellente cucina che ci ha deliziato il palato dopo le giornate sugli sci. Oltre a questi aspetti abbiamo apprezzato la voglia di far bene il proprio lavoro e di offrire un prodotto d'eccellenza. Cosa dire di altro………Grazie e…….. Arrivederci. Fabio




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